How To Adopt Shopify Plus Together With Oberlo?

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an e-commerce solution designed for merchants with high-volume but with little to no need or desire to maintain their website. As such, it is fully hosted yielding a more cost-efficient means of running an e-commerce website without the typical IT concerns. Furthermore, it comes with advanced features that help merchants expand their bands to have a global footprint.


Herein, we will explore the benefits of upgrading from your standard Shopify plan or even migrate to from another platform to Shopify Plus. Moreover, we will delve into how and why brands such as Kylie Cosmetics, Gymshark, and Tesla are experiencing as much as 126% year-over-year average growth.

Shopify Plus: Key Features & Strengths

Shopify Plus is designed to perform well under high-pressure. To this end, it comes with dedicated hosting, that features unlimited transactions, bandwidth, and products giving the platform unique capabilities to deal with even the most demanding stores, situations, and customer requirements. For instance, the platform can handle 6,000 checkouts every minute and 3 million hits. Importantly, it guarantees zero outages during high-traffic occasions such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or flash sale.

Shopify Plus offers high security for e-commerce store. Security is an important element for those interested in building a trustworthy relationship with their clients and customers. Importantly, it is part of staying PCI compliant. PCI compliance is a means of verifying security standards for merchants handling online payments, hence its importance. With platforms such as Magento, it is the vendor’s responsibility to guarantee that they are PCI compliant, even though the platform does allow merchants to deploy compliant stores.

With Shopify Plus, PCI Compliance is part of the platform and merchants do not have to worry about it. The platform has Level 1 PCI DSS compliant protection which handles all tasks related to compliance assessment and risk management, making it a time and cost-effective means of guaranteed top-level security.

Shopify Plus provides site-wide SSL certificate for free. As such, your entire store and not just the check-out process is encrypted �” the same standards as a bank. Moreover, the activation process is simple, allowing your traffic to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.


Shopify Plus costs merchants $2,000 per month or more depending on their expected traffic and customization expectations. While this may seem like a lot of money to spend on your e-commerce property, there is value in the investment. For starters, it is a set cost right from the time you sign up, unlike other platforms where the cost will fluctuate depending on your hosting, security, web development cost, fees, maintenance, and much more. All things considered, Shopify Plus ends up being the most logical solution.


Since its launch, back in early 2014, the platform has grown to be the-to-go to platform of enterprise level platforms. Hosting over 2,500 merchants and still growing, many businesses love the platform (explore what they have to say about Shopify Plus). You can find more information about Shopify Plus pricing here:

Shopify Plus’ market is certainly small when compared to some of the other established enterprise platforms solutions. However, it offers more comprehensive merchant-centric services and solutions that are designed to save merchants money and time. Importantly, the platform is highly optimized to drive growth quite fast whilst still remaining secure, friction-less, and devoid of frustrations on the part of the merchants. Moreover, it offers future-proofing and scalability capabilities. Merchants also benefit from dedicated support, integration with Shopify POS, and much more. All of these add to the positive experience that merchants using Shopify Plus usually experience.

How Is Shopify Plus Working Together With Oberlo?

The new Shopify Plus extended platform is working like a charm together with the Oberlo product sourcing app which was specially designed for the new version of the Shopify platform. Oberlo makes it easy for the user to find, source and import new products to his Shopify e-commerce shop. What is more is that the Oberlo app even makes it easy to handle the shipping and inventory tracking. You can get more information about the new Oberlo product sourcing app on

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